Mallorca Island has a 3 km long electric tram railroad, connecting Port de Sóller with Sóller.


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London, October 13, 2018

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In rural Virginia, former Witness Protection (WP) specialist John Kruger (Arnold) is visited by new agents from his old workplace, led by Steven Holabeek. Following a tip-off from the CIA, they start erasing him to protect him from foreign terror group Emerging Justice. While Kruger can take cafe of himself and then some, the government won’t risk a diplomatic scandal with the terrorists’ home country, a powerful middle eastern ally. Meanwhile, Carina, a Chinese woman (Yennis Cheung) from Internal Affairs investigates corruption inside WP. (more…)

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They tried to kick me off the flight. Upon presenting my documents at the gate to Shanghai, the employee asked where my Chinese visa was. I don’t need one, because I’ll be using the 6-day visa free stay in Shanghai and its neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. That didn’t fly with the flight operator. They were adamant no one lands in China without a visa and asked me to step aside from the queue. (more…)

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